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Some of us struggle from time to time. We have dreams we want to see become reality; it may seem daunting at times and you don’t know who to trust at times with those dreams. You want them to become real but you want to just sit down on that couch, hope somehow you come across that lucky lottery ticket, or that perfect person just comes in and takes your heart away…

For those out there that are daring to dream, to make your thoughts and hopes a reality, and for those out there that need to get their dreams in gear I post this for you today….

— Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved. –William Jennings Bryan


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The Hangover Song

This is probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time! Welcome to the Josh Goode band if you’ve never seen them before!
Know what’s worse? I can point to several of you that are like this…heh…
Hey! Stop pointing at me! :p

Concept: Kia Kue

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What has 400 horsepower, a supercharged 4.6-liter V-8 and 400-pound feet of torque to the full-time all wheel drive system? Here’s a clue: It’s made by Kia. Here is an introduction to the Kue, Kia’s crossover SUV concept car featuring muscular wheel flares, swept back headlights, and (my personal favorite feature) a scissor style opening single side door.
Definitely very cool.

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What a weekend!

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So okay, this weekend was nuts!

First let’s start off with me trying to be a nice guy for the ex. Supposedly she needs to book more hours at work however if she was ever at work it was for like 20 minutes. When the kids and I get to Dave and Buster’s just 20 minutes away I get a call that our corporate office is down without power and all IT is being recalled. So I call to let her know that when she is done she needs to hurry and come get the kids cause they will be at the office with me and no power. 😦 I felt bad for them but my kids and another one of the guys that had his kids this weekend all played together and had a blast so it wasn’t so bad. What was bad was that it took both our ex’s until almost 8pm to come get the kids. I called my ex several times to no avail. Imagine that she was out shopping and unreachable many of the times as I was trying to get updates cause the kids were going out of their little minds. Yes fun, but at the same time they kept asking to do more but there was nothing we could do as we had to sit and wait.

Then Sunday comes along. What a day…I sat and watched all manner of movies. It was great! However that night my son and I are on the phone and he says to his Mom, “Who’s Bob? He’s calling again Mom.” and then he precedes to tell me that he has seen the Bob number a bit this weekend. I tell him that it is Mom’s business.  Is she dating yet another man while married to another again?  If so she is on a good track to beat her Mom’s current standing record of 4 marriages that she was dragged through as a kid.  Anyhow…

That long explanation to say that I’ve had it with drama in life YET AGAIN! Why can’t we all just get along? Seriously, why can’t we all think with our brains instead of our crotches?

Heh…on that note I met this really cute blonde this weekend too! 😀 We’ll call her Destiny ’cause she came up to me and said, “Must be destiny, the two of us here, meeting like this…hi I’m _____ and you are?” I loved it! Getting picked up by a hot 22yo., blonde, 5’2″, 105lbs. woman! 🙂

Another day in paradise.

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Welp, it’s another day in paradise or is that hell? Sometimes you can not differentiate it because each day is to similar. If you don’t try to find good in even a bad day, when in this mode, you’ll end up going nuts!!

Today I found paradise as I stepped out of the new place and into 64 degree weather! I put the top down on the car and drove to work. By the time I got to work it was already 70 degrees outside. Can’t wait to see if it held up for this evening though it looks like and smells like rain over here by the office. 😦

What’s it like by you today?

What happens when you move?

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