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Chocolate Jesus?

Posted in Taz on March 30, 2007 by tazspaz

Okay, I do find it offensive myself but really…

Brings a whole new perspective to the phrase “Eat me!”

Had to be out of his mind to think this was an okay thing to do!!!


Blood in the Sewer System?

Posted in Taz on March 30, 2007 by tazspaz

I hope I remember the next time I’m in Minneapolis to get myself some bottled water!

This is another reason I’m glad I work in technology, don’t have to worry about THIS happening to me!

The House Democrat Budget As Reported on March 22, 2007

Posted in Taz on March 27, 2007 by tazspaz

Hmm…any thoughts? Look here.

Hey, stop drooling on yourself!

Do you need a towel?

DST Motorola Q – An Update!

Posted in Technical on March 21, 2007 by tazspaz

Some readers tell me that they have had issues with the DST Update instructions I posted from Verizon earlier. Come to find out that they were not Verizon customers. lol

So for those of you that are not Verizon customers I apologize as I should have also posted the link to the Microsoft update for your Windows Mobile phone. Just go here and it will instruct you on how to fix your Motorola Q and all those funky calendar entries in your Outlook/Lotus notes calendar.

Please remember any thing you try posted here in our blog is done at your own risk. This post is provided as is with no warranty. If you are unsure please call the manufacturer or software provider.

Here’s a news story you don’t see every day!

Posted in Taz on March 20, 2007 by tazspaz

WTF? Sorry, but I’m sure you’ll say the same thing or something along those lines here in a moment.

Okay so I was browsing some stories that link to others and found this here.

Who knew ANYONE would take kite flying so seriously? :O

So you want to do Web Design eh?

Posted in Technical on March 20, 2007 by tazspaz

When I’m out with friends the inevitable discussions of our jobs come up. If there is someone there I hardly know it might be the first time they hear it from me but it’s like throwing a handful of candy up in the air around a bunch of 5 year olds!

“You do web design?? Wow, I’ve always wanted to try that!”

True enough, I do web design and also subcontract 6 other guys on projects as well. Until recently, besides telling these aspiring designers to go get Frontpage and learn HTML, I didn’t have much of a way to help them learn. With evolving technologies and all the work we put into keeping abreast of them and keeping clients happy there just isn’t enought time to sit and help someone most of the times.

Here is a tool for you though to learn a bit more out of the box instead of just your basics:

Let’s not get started on other languages here people! Let’s help them walk first. :p

Demotion failed – What do you do now?

Posted in Technical on March 20, 2007 by tazspaz

If DCPROMO fails to demote the server, try using the brute force method:

1. Go to a run line (if you don’t know what I mean PLEASE stop here and call for technical support!).
2. Open regedt32.
3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ProductOptions
4. Edit the ProductType value name and change the data value from LanmanNT to ServerNT, using the exact case.
5. Restart the server.
6. When you log on be sure to delete the NTDS folder at this point.

NOTE: Make sure you remove the DC from the Active Directory Sites and Services panel as well if you have multiple DCs. Why? Seeing as the dcpromo (demotion) failed the updates are not made to ADSS and will need to be completed.