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And speaking of genes

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This finally explains my being a “night owl” :p


Way to take yourself out of the gene pool!

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Way to go!

Seriously, there are other ways to express that you didn’t enjoy your meal!

Was he upset with the service or the food? Read here.

My News Thoughts of Today!

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Honor Troops Like VA Tech Dead – As reported by the Associated Press.

Now honestly, the Sgt. is right! Seems the public can be okay with flying the American flag at half mast for politicians deaths, mass murder on US soil, dignitaries deaths, but when a military service member dies in the line of duty protecting the American people we say, “Wait for Memorial Day” and that is about the only time most people think of our fallen service members. Would be nice for at least military commands to fly half mast for fallen members; not to mention the general public. Maybe it might remind us of exactly what is being done to protect the general public.

Katie Couric – Leaving CBS?

First off let me just say “rarrrr!!!” I don’t know what it is about Katie Couric but at my tender age of 33 I have to say she is a turn on just to watch! Something about a woman with a brain, compassion, thoughtfulness, and wit….heh…not to mention looks though.
Okay anyhow, off that rant! I don’t think she is a flop. Too many were expecting to quick of results from what is a historic moment STILL yet in TV Broadcasting history. Give her time, she WILL shine just because of those traits I listed above. As usual it takes time for an anchor to gain the public’s trust. This is a new type of role for Katie Couric, the audience is also different, not to mention the fact that a lot of the older generation that watched this program before Katie Couric were use to seeing men in this roll for generation after generation. All I have to say is, give her some time. 6 months to 9 months is not enough. 12 – 18 and we shall see what we shall see. Set your sights on the 18 month marker and I bet you’ll start seeing that Nielson rating going up! Sorry folks, demographics for that Evening News segment don’t change a whole lot based on who is in the chair alone.

-=Last but not least!!!=-


*ahem* okay have to do this! HA! I TOLD YOU SO! *ahem* K, done.
Some friends and I had a long debate starting before the turn of the year and my call was that we would push if not exceed $4 a gallon. Everyone told me I was out of my mind…guess I believed them because I didn’t invest in futures the way I should have! lol, all well. It’ll be a roller coaster ride this summer anyhow.

Well I hope my rants caught your attention today. Tired of the same old drivel, needed to add a little more personal thoughts and spin on it all!

Democrats and Congressional Junkets

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This article really got me steamed, you’ll find it here.

So as noted in one of the comments to the article that in essence states the liberal Democrats can go on these trips but want to cut ammo, armor, fuel and general funding for our military entrenched in Iraq and Afghanistan?!?!

Here’s my personal thoughts; you want to cut funding (I don’t agree btw to that) go ahead. Then cart your butt over, oh and I’d be happy for you to use tax payer money at this point in the thought, to Iraq and Afghanistan and go to the front lines and do our military’s work. See how that trip pans out for you!

What bigots! Yes bigots! You sit there all high and mighty but then the Democrats turn around and strip the military down. Is it a wonder that the military is seen as a Republican stronghold? Things like this when Clinton was in office was what made me make up my mind to get out of the Marine Corps.

Here is a scary closing thought … if another Clinton gets into office how worse off are we going to be?

(Please, on your budget thoughts, think and look at history. How long does it take for an administration to push something through?)

Deadly Virus Spread Through Mobile Phone Use?

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Seriously now, how could anyone believe this was true?

We can’t even send smells over the airwaves let alone simulate it people! Come on! Technology has advanced but this is ridiculous to even think that this could be a possibility!

Let me guess, “a friend of a friend I know, knows of someone who died when they answered their mobile phone!”

Give me a break! Are there REALLY people out there that believe that this is possible?



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What the heck did I just say?
Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. If you need or would like more information on what EBITDA is and how it is calculated look here.

Okay, back to the thoughts at hand.

When companies base their net worth based on EBITDA it looks really good to potential investors. Why you ask? Because using this model it does not take accounting and financing decisions into the picture. The tendency here is to believe that the higher the sales ratio the higher the profitability of the company in question when compared to others in the industry that company is in. EBITDA however is a good tool to analyze trends over a period of time in a specific industry. Again, this is because it removes the impact of accounting and financing decisions made by the companies in question.

When you are making a decision to start working for a company, buy stock in the company, invest in a company in other manners, or purchase a company using EBITDA is a very BAD thing to do. Though you can identify trends of competitors you are not taking into account the accounting and financing practices of the company. EBITDA should NOT be used as a way to measure cash flow for a company. Often it is however and this is where the issues start. The smart thing to do to truly judge profitability is to use Operating Cash Flow as the measure of profitability for the company in question. This will tell investors/employees if the company is losing money because it is unable to sell it’s product or is “in the hole” because of financing/accounting issues.

The problem is many will use EBITDA to make their decisions because it is easier to calculate than adding back in deductions and amortizations. This can turn ugly when the purchasing investor finds out that the costs of financing/accounting outweigh the perceived benefits of EBITDA.

Thoughts anyone?

Sorry, deep topic today and I barely touched the surface.