Update on “The Infection”

Well, I have to admit, the prescriptions are nice.  I have a couple antibiotics, hydrocodone (750mg), and while working I take three [*shrugs*, suppose to only be two however, won’t work with just two) Motrin (800mg).  So I feel loopy with the antibiotics, the hydrocodone puts me to sleep [luckily], and the Motrin and antibiotic mix makes my stomach upset.  This has been a fun several days.  Just remember the following:

a)     Don’t flick a cigarette out the window as a truck drives by.  It WILL come back in the window.  If you figure it will then you won’t run the risk!
b)     If a cigarette lodges anywhere in your skin and you have to dig to get it out, chances are you may run the risk of infection, seek medical attention!
c)     If after a couple days you look at your neck and you remember the Twilight Zone episode of an eye growing out of your neck … Don’t rip the scab away, puncture the wound and do self treatment!  Seek medical attention!
d)     When you do arrive at the doctor’s office and he has to cut you open to start digging the infection out remember … … … It’s your fault for not using your BRAIN and  … … … SEEKING MEDICAL ATTENTION!!!  Anywho … Tomorrow is my birthday.  Wonderful thoughts to look back on a little sarcasm there if you don’t know me   I am thankful for the recent almost month now though!  Has been a wonderful time.  Well okay, if we’re counting the new job it’s been a great three months now!  Only one more state in the country to visit and I have hit all 50 states in the course of my life.  Have to come up now with a new challenge.  Oh and for those of you that count just driving to the boarder of a state and stepping over that doesn’t count!  You have to spend at least two nights in a state to count it!   I’m looking forward to tomorrow though.  Going with a friend to see “Cirque Eloize: Rain” and surprising her family with dinner at Stephan Pyles Restaurant.  Figure it’s a nice place and only about half a mile from The Majestic Theatre where we are to be for the night.  Really looking forward to the evening!

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