Well here is the latest Rant from Taz! 

I celebrated my 34 birthday in odd fashion.  The day started with my neighbor’s and I hanging out and them congratulating me to having to take care of an inebriated younger sibling who caused no end of drama for most of the remainder of the day.  However, the evening of that day salvaged an otherwise (yet once again) horrible birthday.  Due to someone planning a great night with dinner and Cirque Eloize: Rain tickets, 4 of us went out and had a great time.  Many called to have me come out for my birthday and celebrate like we did last year however; I didn’t feel the need to involve TABC in my birthday this year. 😉 

My Daughter’s birthday was by far more fun!  I brought her to Build-A-Bear Workshop and watched as she ran through picking everything out.  She already knew exactly what she wanted and where it was at so the stint in the crowd was short lived.  Thankfully!  The longest part was getting the bear stuffed and paying at the counter.  Then she picked to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks and have “dinner” in the theater.  Who knew you could spend over $100 on snacks for 4 people!  SHEESH!  

Cirque Eloize: Rain
This was one of the most amazing shows ever.  I hear that it is better in Las Vegas but the encore showing here in Dallas was great!  So many people seem to forget that it is a tale of life and not just a subset of enactments.  If you have yet to see it I would encourage you to go.  Even if it is a long weekend trip, flight to a different city, or a long drive I say it is well worth it!

On the travel front, personally, I have been to many places as you all can see from earlier posts.  The one place I seem to find myself a lot lately has been in L.A.  I do have to say I really enjoy the Hilton Garden Inn Suites in Montebello.  The adjacent golf course is grand and has spectacular views while you play the course.  Might I once again add that you should do your best to stay away from Chuey’s?!?!? 

I’m off to L.A. again in the morning!  

On the movie front let’s see what have I seen with the kids recently: 

Bee movie: 
In my opinion is a “B” movie.  It was funny and cute in the beginning and the kids loved it to death.  However, if I wanted to watch Seinfeld again I’d go rent a season series of DVDs.  Half way through the movie it seems to descend into the old format until near the end of the movie once more.

Pleasantly surprised.  I loved English Literature as a kid and even remember having to do an essay on Beowulf (was suppose to be 10 pages I submitted 250) in which you continued the story.  I didn’t know until the movie started that it was suppose to be animated.  I was going to see it because Angelina Jolie was in it.  : ) 

Alvin and the Chipmunks: 
By far one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a really long time.  Reminded me of the days when we would put on 45’s and listen to the Christmas songs (yes I dated myself there but if you were paying attention earlier I already said my age) as they made your ears bleed from the high pitch that had kids giggling uncontrollably.  Same goes for the movie; kids and adults alike were laughing and enjoying.  It was fun to see my kids so happy that day.


This is like all the Disney favorites rolled into one, moved from animated to “real world” and blended all together to make for an interesting family fun filled time!  If you have kids I encourage you to bring them and watch this movie.  You won’t be disappointed! 

Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium: 
How to describe this movie?  It is full of magical wonder, with great actors and a story line that grabs even those of us that are no longer “young” at heart.  It gave me a new respect for Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman!

Well I hope today’s Rant gave you something to laugh about and think of and I wish you a wondrous Christmas this year! 

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