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Today’s Rant

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Today’s rant is brought to you by the letters A, D, F and the number 2.

So ever wonder what it would be like to live in the times of the future?  When robots would be programmed to terminate human life?  A time where it felt like the “Arnold” was breathing down your neck as you tried to run away?  Well everyone that time is NOW.  Tune in for more news updates on this rant here.

In other news today it has been brought to our attention that not ONLY will you be persecuted for your name in high school (please, his name is Lardas what do you think); the persecution will continue well after college and the start of your career.  For more on this “breaking” story see here.

Pardon me I have to go get my personal T1 and reprogram him now.

D is for Dumb and A is for …. well you can figure that out.  F is for fire …. Fire …. FIRE (perhaps I have bent toward fire???) and 2 is for the number of people it takes to bring another crazy like me into the world.  😀


Hotmail Down Again? “Live” and .Net logon as well?

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Back on February 7th of this year I had a post in which many people viewed about Hotmail being down.  Here we are once again.   

For several hours now I have received the below faithful screen every time trying to log in to my hotmail account. 

It’s kind of strange for a server farm as large as Hotmail to be down like this not to mention twice in one month.  Anyone else experiencing this right now? 


(Update 0605 PST, I’m in L.A at the moment)
As you can see from the comments to this post it is not a small outage. 
This seems to be wide spread and much longer then the “blip” outages Microsoft usually experiences.   I’m starting to see news articles in searches on the topic now as well. I wonder if Microsoft will come out and say what’s happened?    

(Update 0715 PST)
Well one of the comments posted to the blog here brought up an interesting point.  Do you have any other Microsoft Live products that you use?  Products where you have to sign in with your .Net account to gain access?   
Well “Joe T” (comment post) and I do.  It appears every where I have tried so far the Live account logon using my Microsoft passport account does not work.  I have tried Hotmail, OneCare, eLearning, and support for instance and I still see the “Service Unavailable” page appear. This appears to be much more than just Hotmail.  Wonder what news media outlet will “dare” pick this issue up and run with it?

(Update 0737 PST)
Okay so “steveF” posted the Microsoft “Network Status Report” page in his comment to today’s Rant. So … Here’s the thing that made me laugh even more (let’s just forget the status reported a moment, that just made me giggle).  When you try to follow the links to the left of the page or login from there you get “Page Not Found” errors. 
So really, no issues huh?  Shrugs  S’Okay … but I don’t believe you.


You can locate the network status results here. 

(Update 1910 PST) 

Well sorry everyone, I have just about an hour ago emerged from the client’s “telecom black hole” and updated the comments awaiting moderation. As for Hotmail, Live, and .Net logon issues it appears all is well once again. Here is my question, are we really to believe that Pakistan caused the internet outages we noticed?  Read the article here.

Iraq Violence Down 60%

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See, why don’t more media outlets report the good news more often?  Do we all just want depressing news all the time?

Look at the referenced article from Reuters and also note that they had to use “concerning” news to bring it to anyones attention.  Sad, and admiribale all at the same time.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Myspace Comments - Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Oh, hey, if you see Cupid can you shoot him, rip off his wings, and grab his bow for me?  Just sent the wings and bow as proof of his passing!  😉

BlackBerry Outage on Monday

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Well as it would appear there is little by way of news from RIM about their BlackBerry outage on Monday.

Something interesting to note however, as I didn’t state it in the earlier post, doesn’t it seem a bit odd that RIM only had 2 IP paths for their network in North America?  I mean seriously, with how many people and corporations rely upon the use of their BlackBerry’s wouldn’t you think there would be multiple redundant paths in perhaps some sort of “self healing” network (as us techie’s like to talk about)?  Let’s not EVEN get on the topic of why an Administrator would want RIM to have the “keys” to his email system.  Seriously, if I have a system that is Enterprise level access for multiple locations and I only have two IP paths for it I’d have been flogged many years ago!

Let the flogging begin for RIM!!!  Stock Quote

Other interesting reading for you (some of my research):
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