BlackBerry Outage on Monday

Well as it would appear there is little by way of news from RIM about their BlackBerry outage on Monday.

Something interesting to note however, as I didn’t state it in the earlier post, doesn’t it seem a bit odd that RIM only had 2 IP paths for their network in North America?  I mean seriously, with how many people and corporations rely upon the use of their BlackBerry’s wouldn’t you think there would be multiple redundant paths in perhaps some sort of “self healing” network (as us techie’s like to talk about)?  Let’s not EVEN get on the topic of why an Administrator would want RIM to have the “keys” to his email system.  Seriously, if I have a system that is Enterprise level access for multiple locations and I only have two IP paths for it I’d have been flogged many years ago!

Let the flogging begin for RIM!!!  Stock Quote

Other interesting reading for you (some of my research):
ZDNet Part 2  ß Really good article here!
Washington Post ß Another like minded author here!

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