Hotmail Down Again? “Live” and .Net logon as well?

Back on February 7th of this year I had a post in which many people viewed about Hotmail being down.  Here we are once again.   

For several hours now I have received the below faithful screen every time trying to log in to my hotmail account. 

It’s kind of strange for a server farm as large as Hotmail to be down like this not to mention twice in one month.  Anyone else experiencing this right now? 


(Update 0605 PST, I’m in L.A at the moment)
As you can see from the comments to this post it is not a small outage. 
This seems to be wide spread and much longer then the “blip” outages Microsoft usually experiences.   I’m starting to see news articles in searches on the topic now as well. I wonder if Microsoft will come out and say what’s happened?    

(Update 0715 PST)
Well one of the comments posted to the blog here brought up an interesting point.  Do you have any other Microsoft Live products that you use?  Products where you have to sign in with your .Net account to gain access?   
Well “Joe T” (comment post) and I do.  It appears every where I have tried so far the Live account logon using my Microsoft passport account does not work.  I have tried Hotmail, OneCare, eLearning, and support for instance and I still see the “Service Unavailable” page appear. This appears to be much more than just Hotmail.  Wonder what news media outlet will “dare” pick this issue up and run with it?

(Update 0737 PST)
Okay so “steveF” posted the Microsoft “Network Status Report” page in his comment to today’s Rant. So … Here’s the thing that made me laugh even more (let’s just forget the status reported a moment, that just made me giggle).  When you try to follow the links to the left of the page or login from there you get “Page Not Found” errors. 
So really, no issues huh?  Shrugs  S’Okay … but I don’t believe you.


You can locate the network status results here. 

(Update 1910 PST) 

Well sorry everyone, I have just about an hour ago emerged from the client’s “telecom black hole” and updated the comments awaiting moderation. As for Hotmail, Live, and .Net logon issues it appears all is well once again. Here is my question, are we really to believe that Pakistan caused the internet outages we noticed?  Read the article here.

123 Responses to “Hotmail Down Again? “Live” and .Net logon as well?”

  1. Yeah, as of 2pm CET it’s down (Feb 26)

  2. I’m having this problem with hotmail / windows live login too atm..

  3. Same here in montreal at 08h15am

  4. EST 8:14am … having the same problem this morning (in both firefox or IE)

  5. Yup. February 26th, been encountering this problem since arriving at work at 7 a.m.. Eastern Standard Time. It’s 823 a.m. now.

  6. Marcia Philbrick Says:

    Yes – as of 7:29 am CST.

  7. Yep me too. Been like that since I got back to my office about an hour ago.

  8. Same story in Barcelona at 2.38PM CET (GMT+1)
    I don’t get any screen…My browser keeps connecting to the website….

  9. Same Here in northern Indiana – these text boxes are unusable…

  10. Kate Winspur Says:

    I have had the same problem in the UK as of 26th February 2008. It is very annoying as I am expecting an important e-mail.

  11. Yep, it’s been down since I checked 8:00 am Caracas La Paz Time on 26th February 2008

  12. Same thing in Nova Scotia since I tried to get on at 9:30am. It’s super bugging me because I need an e-mail for an address to meet someone at @.@

  13. Same here in Belgium, damn Microsoft, how hard can it be to fix it within a few hours?

  14. Same here in Virginia.

  15. Same here in NH….i’ve been trying for 2 hours. This does seem to happen much too often with hotmail.

  16. Montreal down here too, confirmed.

  17. Yep, London is online and experiencing the same thing people… it’s only been happening here for the past hour or so (it’s 2.20pm GMT at the moment) but boy is it annoying!
    Anyone had any feedback from Microsoft themselves? It’s not really on is it…..

  18. Same in NEw York..down its 9.33am

  19. been down all morning for me too in Ireland. It just kept hanging when I tried to sign in, managed to get in once about an hour ago but now i’m getting the service unavailable screen

  20. same here as of 9:55 gmt -05:00 US-Canada …

  21. winterpeen Says:

    Same problem here in Holland! it’s 3.57am

  22. Got in once, after trying all morning (it’s now 9am here in Texas) and funny enough, there was a reminder email from Microsoft saying my automatic renewal for Live Hotmail Plus is in a week. I think it may be time to cancel that!

  23. yes, it’s down here in New York City. I’m starting to think that Hotmail sucks but I’ve had it forever and I don’t feel like changing to a new one.
    Microsoft must be too distracted with buying Yahoo that they haven’t noticed its server is down yet.

  24. I cannot log onto ANY windows live products. They all just seem to stall and just sit there then the error “Service Unavailable” shows up.

  25. Also down here (Manchester UK) since 9 am this morning.
    I cant find any status update anywhere on their live site.
    Not good enough

  26. same here in NYC. since 7am!

  27. This Hotmail situation is making me nuts! I use it for work and for all other communications, such as my kids teachers. How did I become so computer dependent?

  28. Down here,too, in Northern VA. What a royal pain in the ass this is. We should all learn from this that Hotmail is a very cute program that can not be relied upon for anything important or serious, such as: business, friendship or anything else. I, too, have had it for years but am switching to the “evil” Gmail. Google is the world’s true Big Brother, but hey- it’s one or the other. F’n sucks moose.

  29. Michael F. Says:

    Down here in Philadelphia at 10:30 EST. God forbid that the good folks at Microsoft would have a network status page or did more than just deny outgages

  30. Update

    Found the Network Status Report.

    Another joke…

    “Network Status-MSN Hotmail
    All systems go. There are no issues at this time”

  31. Yeah, it’s down here too, which sucks because I have to check to see if a report was filed.

  32. 7:30 am PST and still down in Los Angeles

  33. Down for me too 10:38
    Toronto ON

  34. How ironic – I am expecting an email from one of my hosting providers regarding a complaint I had about their Sendmail Servers being down.

    I gave them my trusty Hotmail address to respond to. This is quite the slap in the face from the email fairy.

    BTW I’m in Toronto and been trying since 9am.. it’s 10:45am now…

    Thanks for making these posts everyone – lets me know that I’m not crazy!

  35. Email and msn are both still down at 10:45am in Montreal (Eastern time). WTF? This is seriously becoming COSTLY on top of annoying.

  36. It’s 10:49 here in southern Maine. I have been consistently able to get into Hotmail for about the last hour, but messenger is completely down and has been all morning.

  37. Can’t access any .live website. Can’t log to messenger either.
    Québec City 10:51

  38. DamnYouMicrosoft Says:

    FARK THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Still down at 10:56. Working fine five hours ago.


  40. Not Working in northeast mexico either.

  41. hehe, in malaysia here, Hotmail is ok ah. 🙂 wish all of you suffering the hotmail breakdown all the best!

  42. down in boston ma too… EST 11:12am.

  43. Down here in Houston TX too. Irritating as hell.

  44. Just got on…

  45. It is still down in chicago at 10:13 AM CST. Was anyone else here also watching Google trends. At least I don’t rely on it. Something is FUBAR’d at Microsoft.

  46. Not working in NY at 11:17am

  47. I’m in Kent in UK and am having real difficulty logging in!

  48. Down in North Dakota…ugh!@

  49. Doesn’t work in Romania either.

  50. Yes, I am in San antonio, TX and hotmail has not been working since early this morning!! This is really serious!! Worst for them, they can loose lots of money!

  51. down again 🙂

  52. I am located in Texas and Hotmail and all the related sign in sites are down and have been for the last severla hours.

  53. still down in ManchVegas, NH (USA) at 11:28am Eastern Time

  54. Still down in Maryland:-)…11:32am

  55. It’s not just the USA. I’m in Taipei, Taiwan and no MSN services work now, including Live, Hotmail, or Messenger

  56. Down in Amsterdam too

  57. Steve Lafreniere Says:

    Jamestown, NY in far western NY state–same thing since I logged in about 6 a.m. EST. It’s now 11:36 a.m.

  58. 10:41 CST in Kansas – hotmail is down as is the messenger system

  59. 11:42 AM EST. Still down in Montreal.

  60. OMG it’s worldwide! Same here at 16:43 GMT in Portugal..

  61. Zune software login is not working either…

  62. David Jackson Says:

    Yeah, last time I checked it was down here too (maybe 11:20am eastern time). Lame.

  63. San Jose here. From this page:
    it appears that all the services are working with the exception of the first one on the list, which is the Passport Network (LiveID).

    I just got a little pop-up that I had received a new email, but couldn’t get to hotmail to view it.

  64. Check this link : They expect to be back in the next 24 hours. lol

  65. Almost noon just east of Chicago now and still no Hotmail… nice work – next year they’ll break Yahoo too. Amazing

  66. glitterjunkie Says:

    Hasn’t been working in Cardiff, UK from 9.30 this morning. It is now 16.52, not back yet.

  67. yep, 9:50 MST in calgary – hotmail is downer DOWN!

  68. that would be 9:50 A.M. mst…..still down. this fekkin sucks hard.

  69. Down here in KC too.

  70. messenger is now working in northeast mexico ! still no hotmail

  71. Hear that? The sound of a thousands of M$ sysadmins running to reboot IIS servers… still down in L.A.

  72. Same in Spain since noon (now it’s 6:00pm…)

  73. Am in Glasgow, have been trying to access my inbox since approximately 13:00 GMT. Luckily not my primary email address, but this is ludicrous. Not the first time it’s happened this month now, is it? Hrmmmph.

  74. Hotmail is down here in Chicago. At first it was intermittent now it’s just plain down.

  75. It’s down in London (the original one in England…) too. Sucks.

  76. Down in NC too…..I was able to long in last night and one time today, but not since 8:30 AM EST.

  77. LOGIN….not long in….sheesh…sorry….I AM DISTRAUGHT, I MISS MY EMAIL, give me a break…hahahaha!

  78. Servidores Hotmail Cados, Down

    Desde tempranas horas de hoy Martes 26 de Febrero los servidores de Hotmail estan caidos o down, asi como los servicios de mensajeria (MSN)
    Aqui mas informacion

  79. Down in California 9:17 a.m.

  80. Down in Helsinki, Finland as well, since many, many hours. Worked at one point for a few minutes, then died again.
    Btw, it seem the problem has to do with the login service (Windows Live ID). When checking the status, on and chosing Live ID even the status check is broke (however Hotmail status is reported as OK).

  81. Does this mean that our email sent to us will bounce back? I’ve been checking since 10am est? in Boston

  82. It’s 12:27 pm DST, Boston, No hotmail!

  83. I’m in Mexico and since two hours ago hotmail and messenger is down. Que pasa? Anybody knows?

  84. PlatinumPenInk Says:

    I’ve been up since about 4:30am PST this morning (Feb 26th) and it seems that it went out betwen 5:30 and 6:00am.

    Also, myspace was down for a bit at that same time.

    I thought about backing up all of my emails yesterday because there have been errors with the live mail for at least a few weeks.

    When I’m using the rich text feature, I’ll highlight text and I can’t get it to bold or change color unless I choose those features first.

    Also, does anybody know anything about why hotmail is taking it upon themselves to decide what emails go through to me or not?

    I sent a business email to my hotmail account from an earthlink account and I was told (on the earthlink, sending side) that my email didn’t go through for security reasons!!!! This wasn’t spam or any such thing, just a copy of a work request from a customer.

    I am furious that hotmail has decided to be my big brother and has taken power of choice over me. Outrageous.

    Anybody know a way around that?


  85. It’s back up now for me.

  86. Still down in the Toronto, ON region. I was able to get in around 11amEST (after an hour of trying), but it’s been no-go ever since.

  87. Boston, MA

    It’s been down for the better part of the morning. Still not working.

    This sucks.


    You can imagine what kind of service Microsoft will be providing after their merger with Yahoo….It will only get WORSE. Start preparing now and start moving your e-mail to other e-mail providers. I prefer Gmail. It is just a basic e-mail service with lots of storage space, but extremely reliable, just like their search services. Microsoft just doesn’t get it….and probably never will!

  89. Same here in New Mexico 10:47 MST.


    It would be nice if Microsoft would post a press release and let users around the world know what is happening. It seems that we always have to find out what is happening news blogs. They should take more responsibility and own up to what is happening at their server farms. Time to change over to Gmail.

  91. Is down here in Philadelphia PA, and is down in some parts of south america.

  92. Recommendations plz – What “reliable” e-mail program should we switch to if we drop hotmail? This could be ongoing problem.

  93. This is not an ongoing problem, it will be resolved soon. Microsoft have very high uptime.

  94. London, UK

    Managed to get into one of my accounts briefly a few minutes ago but it still seems to be out at 6.20 pm GMT

  95. I cam unable to get into any site I have tried that uses Windows Live Login, even their corporate eopen site.

  96. hotmail still down 1:20pm EST

  97. Approx. 10:10 PST – back up.

    Anybody have an answer on hot mail stopping my emails from coming in and how to stop them from doing that?

  98. I just got into my hotmail account after a very frustrating morning. Reporting at 1:20 pm EST from Toronto. I thought the internet gods were angry with me for trying to leave facebook… 🙂

  99. It seems to be back up now.

  100. Still down here on the West Coast as of 11 am PST. Grrrr!

  101. Look on you’ll see plenty of homail queries in their current top 20 current searches. The number of searches for hotmail problems peaked about 2 hours ago.

  102. Not up here as of 1:00pm central time

  103. Down here in Lewiston Idaho all day

  104. i’m from mexico and i’ve been having trouble since 8.30 am CST. i’ve heard there’s a total blackout in florida due to some thunder storms… that might be the problem???

  105. glitterjunkie Says:

    Not here it isn’t! (Cardiff, UK)

  106. Still down in Ohio and it’s 3 pm est.
    haven’t beem able to log on at all today….AAHH! I have to work!!!!

  107. Hotmail has been down this Tuesday, Feb. 26 since the morning and now, early afternoon, too!
    What gives?
    I’m in Chicago.

  108. Mass move to Gmail anyone?! Much more reliable, friendly and easy to use…

  109. I can not access from Spain 02/26/2008 time: 21:27 Local time, Madrid.

  110. glitterjunkie Says:

    OMG! I’m in!

  111. It is now up again. From Spain

  112. me too….first time in for at least 9 hours….sheeeesh

  113. […] usuarios han estado reportando en las últimas horas que el servicio de correo de Microsoft así como su servicio de buscador, […]

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  115. It is 10:30 p.m. CST and I am still without access to my hotmail account!! maybe there is still hope. I have been without for about for over 30 hours now. uuggggghhhhhhh!!!!

  116. yup it’s been down all day in toronto

  117. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this breakdown of hotmail. I’m in the middle east, and its been out for a couple days at least. Anyone else? Any known reasons?


  118. I live in Michoacan Mexico and hotmail has been down for a while now this really sucks.

  119. Peter j Addison Says:

    Yep i have tried to send a message to a hotmail user from my mac using entourage emailing app and yuk it wont have it…

    im getting :- An unknown error (4362) occurred.

    causing me real problems…

  120. Pokerseiten…

    […]Hotmail Down Again? “Live” and .Net logon as well? « Conflicted Male[…]…

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