Today’s Rant

Today’s rant is brought to you by the letters A, D, F and the number 2.

So ever wonder what it would be like to live in the times of the future?  When robots would be programmed to terminate human life?  A time where it felt like the “Arnold” was breathing down your neck as you tried to run away?  Well everyone that time is NOW.  Tune in for more news updates on this rant here.

In other news today it has been brought to our attention that not ONLY will you be persecuted for your name in high school (please, his name is Lardas what do you think); the persecution will continue well after college and the start of your career.  For more on this “breaking” story see here.

Pardon me I have to go get my personal T1 and reprogram him now.

D is for Dumb and A is for …. well you can figure that out.  F is for fire …. Fire …. FIRE (perhaps I have bent toward fire???) and 2 is for the number of people it takes to bring another crazy like me into the world.  😀

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