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Netflix Outage and Refund

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Really, a refund huh?

Do you qualify?  Read the rest of the story here on MSNBC:



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Mayweather vs. Big Show
Honestly I paid for the HD pay-per-view just for this match.  I really don’t care much to watch the other matches at all.  Some of the people coming over are looking at the other matches such as Rick Flair vs. Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker vs. Edge.  Well Okay perhaps I’ll be more interested in Undertaker’s match too.  When I did watch wrestling when I was young the Undertaker had just entered the ring.

So what are your thoughts?  Anyone watching this PPV too?

Netflix Site Outage?

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Netflix Outage?

 Okay, I’m sad now. 

Seems since the great news about NetFlix has been posted on Wall Street the NetFlix home page has gone down.  Anyone hear any news on this yet?

03/24/2008| 1115 CST
This just seen on the Netflix homepage:

Netflix Homepage announcement

03/24/2008|1600 CST
The Netflix website is still out of commission.  This is not going to be helpful for their stock offereing.  Especially so close to such a great glowing report.  The Vultures are already circling to cause damage.


03/24/2008|2100 CST
Netflix is back online at last look.  Enjoy!


Hell Has Frozen Over!

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The long awaited, much anticipated, outrageously desired download has finally arrived!

No more waiting, no more Beta’s, no more RTM (release to manufacturing)!

This is the REAL DEAL!  *heavy sarcasm (see update)*

Microsoft released yesterday Vista Service Pack 1

Now let’s see how many applications are truly fixed or newly broken.  This is the test bed for all System Administrator’s … is Vista ready to “truly” deploy in the Enterprise?  We all wait for SP1 of Microsoft’s OS (really any MS product) to decide if it will be a smooth upgrade, work with existing applications, upgrade paths, roll-out plans for upgrades, etc.

Beta testers and RTM testers I thank you for your due diligence.  Now it’s our turn.  *evil grin*

>>UPDATE 04/03/2008:
Wow, I thought my sarcasim was dripping here but another blog, “Why am I still typing“, has put me down as “overexcited” instead.


Let me just clarify, I am far from even happy about SP1.  This means many sleepless nights, many broken applications, huge push from the users and exec’s for vista, and a general pain in my err….backside.  Please know, I am probably NOT the Network Manager you want in your company right this moment if you want Vista RIGHT NOW.   If you want to start planning now that SP1 has come out … well we can sit down and discuss.  First lets start with NAP and Windows 2008 and how it integrates with Vista and Windows XP SP3.  Do you see why I shiver?

Pocket MSN Service

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Here we are again, another MSN service having issues. 

All day I have been having trouble with my Pocket MSN service. The two messages I’ve been seeing are: 

Messenger service failed because the service is not responding 
Temporary conditions currently prevent connecting to the Pocket MSN Service 

So my question is what has been happening with MSN services as of late?  It seems to be a lot of trouble going on lately these days.   

How about you out there?  Anyone else having trouble with your Pocket MSN services?

Cell phone usage

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Once again we find another news story about cell phone usage and the law.

Many of us reading today have cell phones.  Not only do we have cell phones but we travel for our jobs.  Something I hear often is that travelers don’t know the specific laws in the states they travel to as it regards to their cell phones.  These days it is a pretty safe bet that if you do not have a hands free device you are more than likely in violation of a state or local law while on your cell phone.  However, how many times do you see this, a person driving by you while on their cell phone?  It’s still a pretty common occurrence.  It is also pretty common to see an accident that has been caused by someone on their cell phone because they were not paying attention to the road.  So when in doubt make sure you have a hands free device such as a blue tooth headset with a voice activated cell phone.  If you don’t, please play it safe, stay off your phone until you can park your car.