Senator Clinton wins PA vote, narrowly.

So where is all the media hype now?

Okay, so Senator Clinton won the popular vote and what a dozen or so more of the pledged delegates than Senator Obama.  Remember what all the political analysts were saying though?  She had to win by a landslide for it to be enough in her favor to make sense not to drop out.

Instead, read the papers yesterday and today, what do you see there now?  Here are some recent headlines:
Washington Post reads: “Trouble Ahead for Obama”
New York Times reads:  “Hillary’s Smack Down”
Dallas Morning News reads:  “Clinton Buys Time with Pennsylvania Win”

If you go searching around the web the tone changed.  Funny thing is it appears that it was Senator Clinton herself that changed the media’s tune.  Why do I say that?  Read some of the articles from April 21st-22nd and you will see where she states “a win is a win” and that it really isn’t about the margins.

I do have to give credit though to the Dallas Morning News as they seemed to take a more somber approach to the win in PA for Senator Clinton.

For those of you that haven’t read my blog before, I’m an Independent and voted for McCain in my state’s primary.  I seem to be following the Democratic primary lately and the only reason I can find for it isn’t my Independent leaning ways at all.  It’s more akin to a lawyer chasing an ambulance or watching a train wreck coming toward you.  You know it’s messy but for some reason you have to keep watching.

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