Pure Political Rant Here

Okay, I must preface this time with I’m an Independent (albeit in Republican clothing for a long time now) and am not a Democrat.  I was disillusioned by Democrats back in the ’90’s.  Currently I have voted in my state’s primary for Senator McCain.

Okay, to the matter at hand.  Drop it all ready!  Sheesh, just as I didn’t want to listen to the Clinton/Lewinsky debacle ad nauseam I don’t need to hear about Obama/Rev. Wright!

Heck seriously, if Hillary keeps swinging them this low and using Rev. Wright to do her dirty work I say we bring Lewinsky back up and drag her decision(s) during that time into the picture.  Let’s ask why the Clinton’s turned to Rev. Wright in their time of need during the scandal of Lewinsky and how Hillary has so easily distanced herself now by saying “he would not have been my pastor”.  These allegations surrounding Rev. Wright are not new.

Do some research folks:
The Political Inquirer

So, I admire Senator Obama’s desire to pull punches instead of deliver them.  That time has however passed us by.  Now I say, if she want’s to fight dirty it’s time to play dirty.  No need to do mud slinging, it is time to pull out her own words:

She lied about running from gunfire, not once, not twice but on four separate distinct occasions.  Meaning she wasn’t “very tired” at all four of those enunciations.  She has over stated her resume and in fact Senator Obama has more years in elected office than Senator Clinton to date. 

She has changed her position on the war, was pro-NAFTA (but ahem isn’t now), her health plan didn’t make it off the proverbial steps the first time, and it won’t grow legs and go anywhere because it is STILL too radical to make it through congress.  However she has clearly stated her plan is “The Plan” to go by and would reintroduce it if she became President.   She has been skipping out on bills, you know because you want to help the working class and small businesses by skipping out on your owed debt. 

So when someone, continually lies, changes position on key items, and doesn’t know when to quit/change (personal lapses in judgment aside ahem) let me ask you, is that the type of person you really want to give the “football” to and have them lead the team?  Oh wait, I live in Texas where we bring back players to destroy our teams chances and run correctional facilities for other teams!!  Seriously though, is that the person you really want running the country? 

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