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So you thought Nude House-cleaning was a Fun Idea?

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Okay, sorry I had to post about this news article today.  Friends and I have bantered before about “wouldn’t it be funny…”, “it could be cool…”, etc etc.  I’ve always veered away because morally I don’t think it’s right personally.  Maybe you have found Nude housekeepers/cleaners to be great.  Maybe you can sit still while a beautiful naked woman parades through your house that you hardly know.  I’m not judging you or the “professional” just my personal thoughts keep me from hiring said professional service.

Then again, this would be yet another reason I’d consider here.


2004 Jaguar XJR

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Jaguar XJR Mechanical Rabbit

This is the car I’m currently in the process of purchasing.  🙂

So what do you think?

Windows 2008 Tape Backup

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I swear, does anyone read release notes?

It’s not like we haven’t known this day was coming for a very long time now. Microsoft has continually stated that they are not a backup provider. NTBackup was to disappear. Now in Windows 2008 ® I am seeing more people post and inquire about how to backup their servers. I read in one blog where a reseller sold equipment to his SBS client to be shocked that he couldn’t run NTBackup for the server. Poor client.

What really set me on “ear” as it were was when one of my protégés and my boss both hit me in the same day. “What do you mean you can’t do a native tape backup in Windows 2008®?!?) My boss even went so far as to bring me an article (Dell Power Solutions Magazine, May 2008 ) entitled “Migrating Dell PowerEdge® Servers to Windows Server 2008®” pointing straight to page 21 under the heading “Backing up data” where he was concerned.

My new standard answer, before I keep sighing to loudly or losing my voice from giving this speech over and over again. Please go read here: Step by Step Guide for Windows Server Backup in Windows Server 2008.

If you find yourself in a bind and need to restore data from a NTBackup.exe from an earlier version of Windows you can go here. Please note it will only RESTORE the data. No backup capabilities there.

I also suggest some light reading here, and here.

Now stop whining! They warned us all long ago not their fault you forgot! 😉

Dave and Busters Hacked

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In the news today:

Middle East Times (where the hackers were arrested)


If YOU Only Had a Brain

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If I Only Had a Brain

From Client to Consultant.

Watch-out the ending could be my response as your consultant! 😉

Seriously, I’m Tired.

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Seriously, get back to the issues and stop talking about who is better than who because of their friends etc. Where is the REAL talk about the economy, foreign affairs, war, federal budget, etc?  Not well it’s so and so fault, or “See me flex (Heck Arnold isn’t even running for President so stop it!) as I talk down to other foreign countries” etc.

Talk real issues, with real results.  What have you accomplished in your past that proves you have the capacity to stick to your guns and get things done as our President?  These are the things I’m concerned about.  You?

The bickering has gone on long enough.  What the Democratic party has proven to me (at least) is that it can’t work together, let alone with the Republicans and “Independents” that are already elected to the House and Senate.  So if infighting is the new “in thing to do” then how is anything going to get done?  Prove you can unity and end this bitter divide and work together.  You just may see a whole lot of Democrats taking up seats all around.  Continue down this road and albeit you will see Democrats starting to lose their current seats.  Don’t be surprised when the Republicans exploit this weakness.  It will be hard to prove otherwise.

So, anyhow, let us get back to the issues Senators.

Our actions lie in the past, unchangeable.  Our choices lie before us.  Choose.


Who is the Elitist here?

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Hillary vs. the coffee maker

I mean seriously … you can’t even work a coffee machine at a convenience store like the majority of American’s do?  lol … read the “distructions” that are posting right there on the machine. 

Sorry, this had me rolling last night.