Windows 2008 Tape Backup

I swear, does anyone read release notes?

It’s not like we haven’t known this day was coming for a very long time now. Microsoft has continually stated that they are not a backup provider. NTBackup was to disappear. Now in Windows 2008 ® I am seeing more people post and inquire about how to backup their servers. I read in one blog where a reseller sold equipment to his SBS client to be shocked that he couldn’t run NTBackup for the server. Poor client.

What really set me on “ear” as it were was when one of my protégés and my boss both hit me in the same day. “What do you mean you can’t do a native tape backup in Windows 2008®?!?) My boss even went so far as to bring me an article (Dell Power Solutions Magazine, May 2008 ) entitled “Migrating Dell PowerEdge® Servers to Windows Server 2008®” pointing straight to page 21 under the heading “Backing up data” where he was concerned.

My new standard answer, before I keep sighing to loudly or losing my voice from giving this speech over and over again. Please go read here: Step by Step Guide for Windows Server Backup in Windows Server 2008.

If you find yourself in a bind and need to restore data from a NTBackup.exe from an earlier version of Windows you can go here. Please note it will only RESTORE the data. No backup capabilities there.

I also suggest some light reading here, and here.

Now stop whining! They warned us all long ago not their fault you forgot! 😉

4 Responses to “Windows 2008 Tape Backup”

  1. Joe Average Says:

    So you are comfortable in M$ delivering less and forcing us to go to rip-off merchants like Symantec … the OS has now trippled in price.

  2. Actually I am Joe Average.

    The OS provides much more by way of security, manageability, and design. The Windows operating system(s) were never intended to be a backup utility for itself or other applications. However, how many of us (I include myself on there as I have written many a script and work with a vendor who has integrated NTBackup.exe as part of their over all solution as well) have used NTBackup for such as that?

    Third party vendors “Specialize” in making backup applications that work with the nuances of various applications and OS’ and infrastructure.

    I know that is not what the small company or home business wants to hear but in that case there are other “Free” and “Shareware” utilities out there for backing up your server.

    Make sense?

  3. This is absolutely wrong! NTBackup was the perfect application for small business for many years. Now if someone wants to upgrade to 2008 server they get less functionality. SBS 2003 could backup the server with exchange and share point on any tape unit with reporting. For a small company to achieve this with Symantec will cost an extra $4000. Microsoft shouldn’t be allowed to get away with such oversights.

  4. Stefan Demmig Says:

    Can you change to LINUX? If so, there is public domain tape backup support. If not, then you know why M$ act like this. YES THEY CAN!

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