So you thought Nude House-cleaning was a Fun Idea?


Okay, sorry I had to post about this news article today.  Friends and I have bantered before about “wouldn’t it be funny…”, “it could be cool…”, etc etc.  I’ve always veered away because morally I don’t think it’s right personally.  Maybe you have found Nude housekeepers/cleaners to be great.  Maybe you can sit still while a beautiful naked woman parades through your house that you hardly know.  I’m not judging you or the “professional” just my personal thoughts keep me from hiring said professional service.

Then again, this would be yet another reason I’d consider here.

4 Responses to “So you thought Nude House-cleaning was a Fun Idea?”

  1. Lets be realistic. Anytime you let a stranger into your home to do work whether its a nude maid or regular maid, there is a risk involved. Just because she cleans homes in the nude does not automatically make her a thief. I have read numerous stories about people being ripped off by housekeepers, CPA’s, business managers, etc, etc. and they were fully clothed!

  2. Agreed!

    lol … I do have to wonder though, they never did say where she hid the loot. 😮

  3. She hid it in her cleaning bucket would be my second thought…lol.

    I clean nude for others and it is great fun to get paid for it and no sex required…just being natural.

    Stealing is not part of my MO…I just can not steal…it is just not in me to take from others…I am too much of a giver thank God.

  4. Title…

    Wow, great post…

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