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Internet Throttling

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So who do they think they are? First they limit the amount of “up and down” speed you have for your bandwidth and now they want to throttle your connection overall!! Not just the speeds you connect at any longer.

I will try and keep this in as easy terms as I can folks. As most of you know I work in this field so if I fall into explaining something and you think I may be speaking in an alien language please, ask for clarification by commenting and I will do what I can to explain. Using more English terms that is. J

Okay so in the news today we find a story about Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and at&t© (Cingular has “tried” to rebrand itself since buying out AT&T). It seems that the internet throttling test that was first reported back in January of this year in a small city (110,000 people) in Beaumont, Texas has finally got industry attention. As the story was first reported by blogs and DSLReports

Why is this topic a worry you ask?

They say it only affect 5% of the internet users out there right? I don’t have to worry do I? I don’t have to worry because I’m downloading music, I prefer to buy the CD and put it on my media server. I don’t have to worry because I’m downloading movies, I prefer to use my NetFlix subscription and hook up to my HDTV and …

Ops perhaps I do have to worry huh? I stream the media from my subscription at times from NetFlix.
Ops perhaps I do have to worry when my kids are over as we play XBOX live together.
Ops perhaps I do have to worry, I do watch Revision3 from time to time.
Ops perhaps I do have to worry as I do video conferencing from time to time with clients from home.

Now some of you might be reading this and saying “Well stupid, stop it!” But I’m not just a person who likes technology; I do this for a job so tend to stay up on the latest trends. I find streaming technology a new wave that is getting ever better. There will be more and more we do with the internet and our home devices in the near future. More demand for internet devices, even wireless devices, come around all the time.

So what do you think?


What is Ironic?

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Is it ironic that eventually an obscenity charge against a pornographic distributor is finally leveled?  Nah, it just another “free speech” kind of case right?

What happens when the judge presiding the court room happens to like people with farm animals?

Now seriously, I have to ask the legal community out there a question.  When a judge finds that it might be a “conflict of interest” in a case they have the right to recuse themselves from the presiding correct?  In this case the judge had made a “special” request to be the actual judge in this case.  That is rare for an appellate justice to do correct?  Is there an ethical question here or is it just me?

Methane Gas

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Okay Environmentalists:

Better gas milage on cars, got it!
Better yet lets find an alternative to oil products and the harmful gases they produce.  Got it!

Let’s come up with a way to stop farm animals from farting?!?!?!  Seriously come on!!!  Talk about a serious waste of research money!

Hmm, let’s see here, do we:
A) Find alternative sources to fossil fuels?
B) Research methane emissions from farm animals?
C) Research ways to suppress gas emissions from farm animals?
D) Misappropriate money for silly research?
E) Let’s just focus on B, C, and D?

For crying out loud people, let’s pool that collective knowledge and use the funds appropriately.  Better yet, how about you just throw some Tums in for the Farm Animals and call it a day?

It’s things like this that make us all want to pull our hair out!  For instance I rate the above study right up there with these:

Don’t try this for a friend or loved one!  <–Prayer is GOOD though folks!

Seriously, people paid actual money for these studies!

*shaking head in disgust*

Yahoo and Microsoft, The Dance Continues!

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So you may remember my post back in April (the 28th to be exact) and can be found here.

In it you will notice that my tone shows that Yahoo should have taken the bid instead of trying to fight it.  Not only was it a fair offer but now the value could be vastly undercut.

I know, your questioning what I’m taking about, are not all the skeleton’s in the closet “vetted” already?  Didn’t Microsoft walk away?

Those of you that know me and hang out with me know my thoughts on this.  Microsoft has been waiting in the wings for a moment such as this.

Should have agreed with me the first time there “Beavis!”  lol

Well it has started again …

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Company travel for me is on the rise. 
CA, VA, MO, and IL already in the booking process,
If not already booked.
Seems I go from 0-100mph in a moments notice.
My life will be on the road for the next 6 months.
Come January 2009 I will be home for several months with sporadic travel.
Until then, I will be on the road at least 75% of the time.
Home for weekends.
Probably not for holidays (remember that if you think of working in IT).

One liners are great!
New technical update to follow shortly.