UNC’s, Exe’s, and IE Enhanced Security Config.

Oh my GOSH!

Wow, this was annoying. I knew I’d heard it before so it only took a few moments of my time however; it was a couple hours before my guys asked for help and it does show just how ingrained IE is in the Microsoft’s OS.

Error: SelectObject to CompatibleDC failed: The operation completed successfully. (0)

So what we were attempting to do was run an application installation from a UNC path. We could browse the path no problem. When we attempted to launch the application’s executable we would see the above error.

What was the culprit you ask? It was the “Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration” Windows component of Windows Server 2003 R2®. Once that was removed; Viola! It worked fine.

My guys think I walk on air, I don’t tell them I once sat and banged my head on the keyboard too. Then again I’m sure there is scaring there on the forhead. 😉

2 Responses to “UNC’s, Exe’s, and IE Enhanced Security Config.”

  1. Cool. Can’t find find the right config switch in the ‘ingrained IE’, so we kill the whole “Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration” 🙂

    Here you go:
    searchkeywords: “UNC path” auf

  2. I agree with you Bit. However, most people that will find this topic a) will not understand what to look for b) have already sent many emails asking me “where is IE Enhanced Security” and c) well, are just lazy enough not to look for the correct switch.

    Thanks though for posting a reply with the MSKB article!

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