Gmail Temporary Error (502)

Well this is a first for me (but not for others as Google’s own search engine shows)!!

I’m unable to access my Gmail account!!! AAHHHH!!!!

Seems to be a theme in July as their search engine exposes, see here.

Anyone else seeing this today?

August 12, 2008 –> UPDATE!!!
Well as you can see several of you ran across this post.  Still waiting to hear if Google has anything to say about it.  Especially since it has been happening on and off as of late.  Is it a “planned upgrade”, “scheduled maintenance”, “unplanned outage”, etc etc.  All I know is as of this moment I was able to log on, approve everyone’s comments and read my daily email funnys! 😉 

Seriously though, I was able to get in and read mail.  Please note that I have several people that commented here as well as while out last night; if you have this error again try using the HTML link found in the comments of this posting.  Seems that “backdoor” worked for those desperately needing access during this “down” time.

41 Responses to “Gmail Temporary Error (502)”

  1. Yeah, I’m getting it too. It’s been going on for at least a half hour.

  2. I am down too!! If you find a way to get in please post on your site!!

  3. Same here in Los Angeles! I depend on Gmail! The world has come to an end.

  4. I can not enter to my account too!! I have never seen that!! I was thought to recommend google apps, but now ….

  5. I just started getting this message this hour.

    Very annoying. Hopefully it will be back up soon.

  6. I’m seeing the same error message right now. I was actually logged in, and getting a different error, with a “retrying in…” message, but I tried re-loading the page and am not getting the 502 error. Hope it doesn’t last long. I’m lost without my email! :-O

  7. I have the exact same message! Have to access my flight info to print a boarding pass…. arggg..

  8. Me too! and it is horrible.

  9. my account also.. today 🙂

  10. Just started getting the 502 message at about 5PM EDT, 11 August08. Am using FF; tried IE and got the sa
    me message. ARGHHH

  11. Me too….for over 45 min. at 3:30 Mountain .

  12. Having the same problem, going on for at least 45 minutes. I need to work! Maybe it’s google’s way of getting me out for a walk…

  13. I started seeing it about an hour ago. Seems like the login works, but can’t get to any e-mail

  14. Yes, i have this bug going right now, aug 11. It’s really annoying because i have to email my uncle but his email is on my gmail account, not my yahoo one.

    I have tried all the clearing cookie thing, did not work.

  15. I too am having this problem today… I’m a gMail for Apps user… Aahhhhh!

  16. Phew. At least I’m not the only one with this problem:

    I wonder what’s up with Google.

  17. yeah, you’re not the only one today.

  18. Yes.

    They will have it fixed soon. In the mean time, use VTunnel –

  19. I got the error too. . . doing a advanced google search for other with that problem today yielded a few others. . . some say it’s been resolved. Let’s hope so soon!

  20. Yup, same problem with both FF/Linux and IE/XP. I can pull my mail with Thunderbird but every time I delete something it reappears on the next session. Very frustrating.


  21. try using the html version via:

  22. It was down on August 6, 2008 and affected me for about 18 hours

  23. Yeah, me.
    Pretty annoying >.<
    I hope they’ll fix it soon.

  24. Yep, mine has been down almost all day. It’s really frustrating, since all of my business-related emails are through Gmail.

  25. Dafydd Hughes Says:

    Me too!

  26. I have been getting the 502 on and off all day… Of course, like an idiot, I keep trying various techniques to get it working again – but it looks like it is out of our hands.
    Google should provide a better explanation than the little haiku they offer at the help center.
    BTW I am in the San Francisco area.

  27. K.C. Shaw Says:

    I’ve got the same problem (discovered your entry when I googled the error). My gmail was fine when I checked it at lunch. Now I can’t access it since I tried when I got home from work about an hour ago. I just thought I’d share your frustration. 🙂

  28. I have the same problem as you are… hope it will be resolved soon.

  29. I have it too…

    Anyone know the cause?
    GMail service has been slow and slower than normal lately.

    So sad as I have a lot of my eggs in the GMAIL basket

  30. Hi, I get the same error when I want to login into my domain hosted by gmail,
    It is the same error in firefox and IE , Have you got any more info in this respect?

  31. I’m surprised too.

  32. Yup, I have this too. First time I’ve ever seen it as well.

  33. Yeah me too.

  34. Yep i am suffering the same problem, although it appears the gmail toolbar notifier still works, and the gmail vista sidebar gadget shows the sender and a small part of the title, but it wont open the message in a new window cos of this 502 error 😦

  35. yep. got it about a half hour ago and it won’t go away. tried other browsers, clearing cookies, and logging in both securely and insecurely. no luck. it’s a first for me too… hope it will be the last

  36. this link works just fine.

  37. Same here–it appears that the large majority if not all Gmail accounts are temporarily down. Why don’t they send out a system wide e-mail to let everyone know how long it will be down? Or was it not upgrades and rather a system crash?

  38. And its back now.

  39. Bala Krishnamurthy Says:

    Am having same 502 server down problem – google apps.

    I can’t afford to have my users mail down!

    Please fix immediately…………………..

  40. I’ve had the same issue (in Ireland) for more than 12 hrs now, which is a pain in the neck. Sent Google an email via the support website, but no reply as of yet.
    Anyone else still have issues?

  41. Tegan Seckinger Says:

    good goodthis post deserves nothing 😦 hahaha just joking 😛 nice post 😛

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