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Congress and the Constitution

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Okay, this is just one of many many stories over the past several days that seriously are starting to tick me off!

Of all  three branches of the U.S. government, only Congress has the power to determine federal spending. I’m just saying, how many of you have viewed the Constitution recently?  Pursuant to Article I, Section 9, of the U.S. Constitution, “No money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law.”

So riddle me this … if a President has the leadership responsibility, but must work with a Congress that is largely against his/her (“her” for future onlookers) policies how does out of control spending happen?  Doesn’t that mean the REAL responsibilities lay with the members of Congress?  If the House and Senate can overturn Presidental veto’s and they don’t approve of a budget what happens?  Ask some people who worked for the federal government during the mid ’90’s and we can tell you.  The federal government closes down, and even military members see shorted paychecks (to be “caught up” once the budget is approved) until law maker’s can come to an agreement or override the Presidential veto; right?

So the next time a Democrat tells you that it’s “ALL President Bush’s fault” for our economy ask them who approves the budget, spending, and why is it that while Congress has been controlled by Democrats the fewest laws in the past 20 years last session? (see here, here, and here) Before you read on I strongly suggest you read those links.  Perhaps more perspective will be found there.  By the way, how did those 1,900+ resolutions help you’re local economy, gas prices, regulation, taxes, and lending issues your family is facing on “Main Street America”??

Please when pointing fingers know a) your history and b) your U.S. Constitution.

So please remember, the next time a Democrat tells you it’s all the Republicans fault, don’t just see who was the President during that time, look at who controlled Congress in that time frame.  Oddly you may gain a new perspective on things. 

Please, once again, don’t take my word for it.  Go look it up!  Education is a wonderful thing … even after you’ve killed off more brain cells than you can remember.  Speaking of which … I have me some brain cells to kill off now!  🙂


Sen. McCain vs. Sen. Obama?

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Earlier today I found a question about someone asking for Sen. McCain’s accomplishments.  I was looking for more specifics on Sen. McCain vs. Sen. Obama.

As I see it we can point fingers OR we can look at facts:
Sen. Obama’s recorded votes 
Sen. McCain’s recorded votes

Now my question is what do you see as the difference in their records?  Who has a better track record for consistency, missed votes, who votes primarily with the party vs. bipartisan, etc.?

I’m trying to form a better understanding of why one would pick a specific candidate over the other?

As you can see from my site I have already chosen which candidate I plan on voting for but wonder on what other grounds someone chooses a candidate.  I go by their record, and want to thank The Washington Post for such a comprehensive listing.

Other helpful sites:

And many more.  Please feel free to respond with open access lists such as this that track all actions, not just the ones you (dis)agree with.

SNL’s poor taste in humor.

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Okay, I might as well just start off with stating that I’m going to probably get flogged for this post!

However, I’m going to post it anyhow.

Just like most liberal people I know (sorry, it’s the truth) SNL has created a “comedic” script with the premise of Todd Palin (Sarah Palin’s, Republican John McCain’s choice for Vice President of the United States, husband for those not following election news) is sleeping with his daughters in a sexual/incest relationship. The premise appears to be that since the Palin’s family is from Alaska that they are a “back woods” family at the expense of journalists in New York and their knowledge of Alaska in general. However, the skit is insulting at its base premise. Just try inserting your family at the expense of the joke on a national level and tell me what you think.

What if they were to produce a skit of Obama eating chicken, chugging grape soda, with watermelon rinds on the table, shooting at passers-by while pimping out his wife at the expense of some right-wing journalists that don’t understand Senator Obama? Tell you what, there would be a HUGE uproar. Heck I won’t be surprised if there is one just because of this post trying to make a point.

Then again maybe I have a weird sense of humor. If it’s so funny why isn’t this skit posted any longer and YouTube has even removed it?  Perhaps some out there thought this skit was hilarious and saw it as nothing but a funny joke.

Ya, funny haha. *disgusted*


More information

How to Create an Empty File of Specific Size

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To create empty file with specific size follow the steps outlined below:

1. Open a command prompt. To do that click Start>Run and type ‘cmd’ (without the quotes).
2. Go to drive on which you want to create that empty file using commands

•cd<name of directory> (with this command you will enter in directory),
•CD\ (with this command you will exit from directory),
If you are in C:\Windows directory, command cd… will return you in C:\. Use command C: as much is necessary to return in root of partition. You can change partition buy typing capital of that partition (D, E, F, G, H etc.) example: if you are in partition C:\ and you want to go in D partition type D:
3. When you are in the root of the partition on which you want to create an empty file in use this next command:
fsutil file createnew FileName Size

4. FileName is where you write a name for your new created file
5. Size is where you can input the size of your newly created file. To calculate the size you can use the formula below:
2 GB = 2 * 1024 = 2048 MB * 1024 = 2097152 KB * 1024 = 2147483648 bite

Example: If you want to create file and setup his size on 2GB you should type 2147483648

6. After these steps the empty file will be created on selected partition with name and size you created during the setup outlined above.
7. It is recommended that you restart you computer before using these files for testing.

Please remember, all technical documents are created “AS IS” and you utilize my advise and experiance at your own risk.  Enjoy!