SNL’s poor taste in humor.

Okay, I might as well just start off with stating that I’m going to probably get flogged for this post!

However, I’m going to post it anyhow.

Just like most liberal people I know (sorry, it’s the truth) SNL has created a “comedic” script with the premise of Todd Palin (Sarah Palin’s, Republican John McCain’s choice for Vice President of the United States, husband for those not following election news) is sleeping with his daughters in a sexual/incest relationship. The premise appears to be that since the Palin’s family is from Alaska that they are a “back woods” family at the expense of journalists in New York and their knowledge of Alaska in general. However, the skit is insulting at its base premise. Just try inserting your family at the expense of the joke on a national level and tell me what you think.

What if they were to produce a skit of Obama eating chicken, chugging grape soda, with watermelon rinds on the table, shooting at passers-by while pimping out his wife at the expense of some right-wing journalists that don’t understand Senator Obama? Tell you what, there would be a HUGE uproar. Heck I won’t be surprised if there is one just because of this post trying to make a point.

Then again maybe I have a weird sense of humor. If it’s so funny why isn’t this skit posted any longer and YouTube has even removed it?  Perhaps some out there thought this skit was hilarious and saw it as nothing but a funny joke.

Ya, funny haha. *disgusted*


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One Response to “SNL’s poor taste in humor.”

  1. Midlife Slices Says:

    Yes, SNL crossed the line with that skit. If it had been reversed and about Obama, there would have been a huge uproar and everyone would have been yelling “racisim”. But it’s becoming the statis quo with the media who are carrying Obama on their backs. Too bad he can’t stand alone on his own merits. I hope people stop watching SNL over this tasteless skit. I know I have.

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