Sen. McCain vs. Sen. Obama?

Earlier today I found a question about someone asking for Sen. McCain’s accomplishments.  I was looking for more specifics on Sen. McCain vs. Sen. Obama.

As I see it we can point fingers OR we can look at facts:
Sen. Obama’s recorded votes 
Sen. McCain’s recorded votes

Now my question is what do you see as the difference in their records?  Who has a better track record for consistency, missed votes, who votes primarily with the party vs. bipartisan, etc.?

I’m trying to form a better understanding of why one would pick a specific candidate over the other?

As you can see from my site I have already chosen which candidate I plan on voting for but wonder on what other grounds someone chooses a candidate.  I go by their record, and want to thank The Washington Post for such a comprehensive listing.

Other helpful sites:

And many more.  Please feel free to respond with open access lists such as this that track all actions, not just the ones you (dis)agree with.

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