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WSUS and Please, You Can’t PUSH!

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My *ahem* favorite question *rolling eyes* being emailed or IM’ed to me right now has been “Hey, how can I get WSUS to push out this update??”

I always suggest that one uses an “admin” script that can be added to a top level GPO for “emergancies”.  This way you can add a command such as:

wuauclt.exe /detectnow

That would (in my case for a logon policy set in my GPO) make all clients and servers query the WSUS for any updates.  This would install critical patches, say that come in “out of cycle”, and need to be addressed immediately. *hint, hint*


National Brain Tumor Foundation Fund Raiser!

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Please readers, will you be a part of this year’s Angel Adventure for the National Brain Tumor Foundation?

Will you support an Angel Adventure group for their walk on November 8th?

Please click here and make a pledge, if you can.

If you have trouble with the above link please go here:

I know anything you can give towards this event is greatly appriciated!

News of the Day

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So here are some of the items that caught my interest today:

On Investor’s Business Daily  we learn what the polls are doing.  This was the most accurate poll in the last presidential election.  My favorite part of this poll was the demographic “Displays Flag”, interesting.

Then there is Wall Street’s view on Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain’s financial planning found out on the New York Post today.  Interestingly enough, have you “Main Street America” seen the benefits of this touted immediate relief plan of the $700 Billion dollar bail out package?  Don’t point to gas prices that has nothing to do with the package.  Gas prices are simple supply vs. demand status as indicated by OPEC’s meeting and subsequent agreement to scale back production.  Hmm?  Just my thoughts here.

Then of course there was the interesting point brought up on WorldNetDaily about Michelle Obama vs. Gov. Sarah Palin.  What’s your take on Mr. Buchanan’s opinion?

Odd, eh, how all these news stories today seem to have a common thread?  lol, let’s not bring up the North Korean clam down of cell phone use to stop the news spread of the food crisis there!  It’s not like anyone is able to curtail free speech and opinion here in the US right?  Right?!?!?

Microsoft RPC Patch

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There has been a lot of alerts/news out today from several vendors about a new critical vulnerability just announced. 

Please note, many vendors are focusing on the fact that Windows 2000 and Windows XP is affected. 

HOWEVER, it is deeper than that; all Microsoft operating systems are affected.   The article only goes back to Windows 2000 but also covers XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008.  There is an off-cycle patch from Microsoft already out (usually it’s once per month).  You can get this (and any others you may have missed) by clicking on Start – Windows Update.

Even if you have followed the proper best practices for segregation of your network and proper firewall proceedures I HIGHLY recommend getting this patch installed as soon as possible.

Congrats on Your Resignation Andrew Lahde!

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My congratulations go out toAndrew Lahde!

So many things to say, so many reasons NOT to say them!

Here is the link to the article.

Link to a copy of the world’s BEST resignation letter EVER! lol

More on Andrew Lahde at Wikipedia

Validate Check Routing Number

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This is a nice little app you can use to validate the routing number on a check.  You know, if you suspect something doesn’t seem right: Visit this site here

Don’t know why you’d really need this application as a regular “Joe” however, I was asked for it and there you go!  🙂

What Does Reality Mean to You?

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I was asked this question today.

Here was my response:
“Reality isn’t just realizing the consequences of our choices; it’s dealing with the indirect consequences we didn’t first see when making those choices.  That is what forms our individual realities.”

So, let’s turn this question out to you and see if any of you are brave enough to respond.:  What does reality mean to you?