WSUS and Please, You Can’t PUSH!

My *ahem* favorite question *rolling eyes* being emailed or IM’ed to me right now has been “Hey, how can I get WSUS to push out this update??”

I always suggest that one uses an “admin” script that can be added to a top level GPO for “emergancies”.  This way you can add a command such as:

wuauclt.exe /detectnow

That would (in my case for a logon policy set in my GPO) make all clients and servers query the WSUS for any updates.  This would install critical patches, say that come in “out of cycle”, and need to be addressed immediately. *hint, hint*

2 Responses to “WSUS and Please, You Can’t PUSH!”

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  2. Jack Box Says:

    I had this issue for new servers. I added them to the domain and in my environment I was behind a firewall and couldn’t get to Microsoft but did have the firewall open to my wsus server. My WSUS was seeing my server I just wanted to update my new server NOW rather than waiting for the group policy to kick and update the server. Vie IE under tools | windows update it would by default try to go out to MS and error out. I went to microsoft and got the latest windows update agent and ran this on my server. This put the latest agent on and then when I went to IE | tools | windows update it fixed the link to make it look at my WSUS server and I could then get my updates immediately.

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