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Mmm … Apple Crisp

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I need to go search for more of my old hard drives.  I think I have gathered most of my recipes to start posting.  This one has me going to the store to get rolled oats.  😀

Let’s start with preheating the oven to 350 degrees, k.  Why you ask?  Well, whilst you are preparing everything you will get the oven heated. 😉

Here’s what you’re going to need:
9×13 baking pan.  I typically use a glass pan and grease the bottom myself.  Your choice on pan though.
8 cups sliced apples (I prefer Red Delicious or Granny experiment for your favorite)
2 cups flour
2 cups rolled oats
1 tsp cinnamon (ground)
.5 tsp nutmeg (ground)
1.5 cups brown sugar
1.5 cups butter

Now what you’ll need to do with all that to make it taste really good is:
1.  Place the flour, oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar in a mixing bowl.  slice up butter and add mix to make ingredients all crumbly. 
2.  Put half of the combination into the baking pan and press to the bottom of the pan.
3.  Place apple slices in baking pan on top of the crumbs already in the pan and cover with remaining mix.
4.  Bake for 45 minutes or until apples are nice and tender.

Other types of apples I would recommend trying would be Empire, Gala, Courtland, and Macintosh apples.  Hey, better yet you could try a whole bunch of combinations of any of these apples.  It really does come out pretty darn good!!


Spinach, Chicken, and Wild Rice Soup

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Okay, so I promised I would start posting some recipes that I have created, written down, or used in the past.  Some of you have been my “guinea pigs”, thankfully none reading this have been “victims” of my cooking.  Well, at least to my knowledge, if you felt like a “victim” please let me know!  I’ll make sure to add something special to your next meal.  *evil grin* 🙂

Here’s what you’ll need:
1  14ounce can chicken broth
1  10.75ounce can condensed cream of chicken soup
2/3  cup uncooked wild rice, rinsed and drained
3  cups water
1/2  teaspoon crushed dried thyme
1/4  teaspoon ground black pepper
3  cups chopped cooked chicken (chose your favorite way to do this, ask if you need suggestions.)
2  cups shredded fresh spinach

Here’s what you’ll need to do with all that fun stuff now:
1.  In a 4quart slow cooker, combine the water, broth, cream of chicken soup, uncooked wild rice, thyme, and pepper.
2.  You have two options:
       a)  If you are heading to work (best to supervise cooking in my opinion though)  You can cover and cook on low-heat setting for 7 to 8 hours.
       b) If you come home early from work you could cook on high-heat setting for 3-1/2 to 4 hours.
3.  Stir in chicken, spinach and serve.  

Serves 6 people 1 time.  Of course if you really like it you’ll be lucky to get 3 servings!! (recommended serving is 1.5cups per serving.)

If you want to make this a bit more healthy you can use reduced sodium soups.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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A Peanuts Thanksgiving

Little did he know.
Little did he know when invited to dinner that HE was dinner!

Martini Park, Plano TX – CLOSED

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Bah!  Figures.  It was an okay kind of place.  Never really was much for Martini Park at the Shops at Legacy in Plano.  For some odd reason I have no problem driving to uptown but anytime people want me to drive just a few miles north “It’s to much of a hassle.”  My very own words there.  🙂

Seems the scuttle over at Pegasus News is that they lost their liquor license due to the ratio of liquor verse food sales.  Welcome to a “Dry” county folks.

So, in the hopes we don’t have another “Metro” mistake for any of you out there … I post this post for you.

(lol … you know who you are when it comes to the “Metro” comment.)   🙂

Welcome, New Look

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For those of you that come here often you’ll notice a new look.

True, I am a bit lazy with the blog in the fact I haven’t created my own layout.  Just prefer to use the templates still.  not like I’m doing anything for money with the blog so ’tis fine.

The change came about as I have seen the average views this past quarter pass 100 unique visitors daily now.  This keeps the weekly average just under 1,000.  Hope to up that soon with some articles I’ll be posting in the near future … lol, as well as requested recipes, yes.  Right now the best week this year topped 3,000 views with the second best week coming in just over 2,300 views.  Would like to see that number become the average but hey … that would mean I would have to become INTERESTING!!

As my bestest bud of all time once told me … “Michael, your not interesting … you’re UNIQUE!” hmmm, wonder if he was being sarcastic? 😉

Quantum Mechanics

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Here is the next installment of my thoughts on String Theory from the original post you can find here.

Through Quantum Mechanics it was found that there are two categories that particles fall into; bosons and fermions.

What are bosons you may ask?  Glad you did!  They are particles that transmit forces.  Bosons, most, can occupy the same place at the same time.

Fermions are a different type of particle; obviously.  Unlike bosons, fermions are not able to occupy the same place at the same time.  Only one fermion can occupy a given state at a given time.  This is why fermions are particles that make up matter.  Just think, if that had not been true you could have been walking through a wall while reading this.  Not that you’d be thinking about your head and a wall right at this moment.  *Starts banging head on wall.*

There is more information that you can find with a simple search on (for instance) on Newton’s “Special Theory of Relativity” and “Relativistic Quantum Field Theory” also “General Theory of Relativity” and “Differential Geometry”.

With the next installment we will look at a brief history of String Theory. I will cover the basics from 1921-1996. Following that installment will be a brief overview of Black hole Entropy.

See, I DO have a twisted mind. Bet you didn’t know things like this were interesting eh??

String Theory, the Start of My Journey

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So what happens when you decide to look up your old website content from ages long since past?  You find interesting tidbits for sure!

So here we go!  The start of my journey looking into String Theory:

What is string theory and why do you care?

Well lets look at that.  Lets just look at the basics of all of this.

Let’s start with theoretical physics. Sir Isaac Newton was the first theoretical physicist at a time when it was known as “Natural Philosophy” this was a time when algebra and geometry where in common use. But algebra and geometry could only be used to explain things that are still or not in motion. So Newton came up with another way. We now know this as calculus.

Now with calculus Newton was able to take his “Law of Motion” to explain the force of gravity. But his new theory did not only involve planets and stars but other objects such as weights and cannonballs. Seeing as Cannons were the weapon of choice at this time in Europe…wonder what that did for them hmm…

Being a theorist and an experimentalist Newton observed nature so that he might describe it better. As such Newton realized that his explained “Laws of Motion” were not some abstract laws that Nature was forced to obey but rather that it could be described through mathematics. Just a quick note, mathematics is the oldest language known to man.
Check back soon for more….

Next installment we will talk more about how “Strings” came into all of this…