Martini Park, Plano TX – CLOSED

Bah!  Figures.  It was an okay kind of place.  Never really was much for Martini Park at the Shops at Legacy in Plano.  For some odd reason I have no problem driving to uptown but anytime people want me to drive just a few miles north “It’s to much of a hassle.”  My very own words there.  🙂

Seems the scuttle over at Pegasus News is that they lost their liquor license due to the ratio of liquor verse food sales.  Welcome to a “Dry” county folks.

So, in the hopes we don’t have another “Metro” mistake for any of you out there … I post this post for you.

(lol … you know who you are when it comes to the “Metro” comment.)   🙂

7 Responses to “Martini Park, Plano TX – CLOSED”

  1. How weak is that? I hope its not because of the city of Plano not allowing them to renew their liquor license. What a sorry excuse for a city that wants to be elite.

  2. Here is another link to the information you might be searching for in regards to Martini Park.

    lol … sorry, the “Seirra Club” hasn’t definitively let us know where the cougars will be relocated to. Happy hunting!!

  3. Neil Judge Says:

    Martini Park will reopen in about a month.

    Regards, and see you all there!

    • Unfortunately this Comment from Neil Judge is not yet authenticated. I have attempted to contact Martini Park’s corporate office. If this claim can be authenticated I’ll make sure to update everyone here with any new news.

  4. Well, sorry everyone. The apparent silence from Martini Park corporate should either let you know that they are NOT going to reopen here in the Dallas Metroplex area or are just not interested in our opinion. But hey, we are all outsiders to their plans and none but them know for sure. Keep checking their corporate website for news if you are interested.

    In the mean time … I’d suggest those of you looking for a new place to go try some of the following establishments:

    Sherlock’s in Addison, Texas
    Republic in Dallas, Texas
    Wish in Dallas, Texas

    If you are looking for specific recommendations feel free to contact me or post here and I’m happy to help. I’m sure others have ideas for you too.

  5. Paul Bradfield Says:

    I heard a rumor that since the law has changed the owners of Sambuca are going to open a nightspot in the Maritini Park bldg. Anyone know anything about this?

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