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IMPORTANT NOTICE!! (Heartland Payment)

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We have been notified that a data breach occurred at Heartland Payment, a company that processes credit and debit card transactions nationally for restaurants and small businesses. Please keep in mind that data breaches seldom lead to fraud and rarely identity theft. For your security, please monitor your statements and account activity thoroughly.  If you suspect suspicious activity, contact your bank immediately.


Above is the note I received from my bank today.  I felt it was important to share with you, the readers, and hope in some small way it helps you at least be alert for any suspicious activities on your credit/debit cards.

At this moment I’m trying to see if I can get an idea of restaurants that would have been using Heartland Payment as their provider to help further if possible. 

I do feel that it was a disservice to mention that data breaches’ “seldom lead to fraud and rarely identity theft” by the bank that services my accounts.  I personally take any data breach seriously and would want all of us to protect against fraud and identity theft.  The fact that the data security is breached is enough to be concerned.  If it wasn’t of concern financial institutions wouldn’t be asked to report on it.  A good place to start is to balance your bank statement and keep receipts until you do.  Otherwise you really never know now do you?


Netflix Internal Systems Issues

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Seems my old Netflix outage post is bringing some traffic of users looking for information about Netflix shipping issues.

To update those of you looking currently Netflix is experiancing issues with their shipping system that is delaying their ability to ship in a timely manner.  Please refer to and log in to get the latest information.  This time, everyone, they have stated “We apologize and we’ll be automatically issuing credits to all of you whose shipments have been delayed. ”  So no need to wonder like we did when they had their website outage last time.  🙂

Three Things to Rant About!

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First, did you know what turns 58 years old this year?  It is something that was first issued in 1950 so you could pay with plastic.  That’s right everyone:  The credit card.

Second, do you know what band had the 1966 hit “Good Vibrations”? 
The Beach Boys!

Yes, I read my oatmeal packets this morning.

The third and final item to tackle today the Blackberry outage.  How are all you Blackberry users feeling today?  That brick on your side giving you a good feeling right about now?  See, I always am asked why I prefer the windows mobile devices over the Blackberry.  Correct me if I’m wrong please but this is Blackberry/RIM’s second major outage in 10 months (as reported by FOX News) and if I’m not missing the boat here but at least for the past 3-4 years, every year, they have had a major outage.  Let’s not even discuss the synchronization issues with a Blackberry or “Blackberry in the Enterprise”.  Not only did I own one back in their early days but I have also supported them in an Enterprise as well as in small organizations.  So, for those of you that rely upon your emails while on the go, the next time you ask me why I don’t like Blackberry devices; just remember I’m pointing at you right now laughing sending email from my windows mobile device!