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Welcome to 2009!

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Welcome to 2009!!

This year there is a need for many changes.  I don’t just say this because, personally, I want changes.  I say this because the world has gone to hell in a hand basket!

War, political tensions, finances – to include government/markets/business/individual, and complete idiocy world wide.

2009 is the year of changes geopolitically; and if you chose to it is the year of personal financial changes.

2009 is not the year for the world financial markets.  This would in turn mean it is most likely not the year of “turn around” for most businesses either.  It is not the year for the markets to make a drastic turn around.  Are we seeing a trend here?  This is not the year for the governmental budgets (Federal, State, nor Local) to become balanced; no matter how much we desire that.

What do I mean by geopolitically; simply put we all will see changes.  Regardless of your geography, demography, economics, and most importantly in foreign policies of nations.  Now I’m not geopolitical college grad, nor am I the smartest match stick in the box at times albeit.  However, if you do not see these changes already steamrolling ahead beware, you’re about to get run over by a very large train!

As for personal financial changes, up to the individual of course, I feel that we all need to look at our personal finances.  Learn from the past decade of financial debauchery.  How do you see your finances?  Do you see being able to retire when you’d like to retire.  Be realistic about your retirement age when thinking about this.  Did you know if you were just to put away $25 a week you could live off the dividends by the time you’re around 35?  Why not start that now?  How did you fair with your 401k/personal investments; is it time to make changes there for your future?

Regardless of where you stand today please know that 2009 is a new year.  You can start now no matter your situation.  Become prepared for your future and the looming changes in the years ahead.

Happy New Year to you and yours!


Make Sure to Vote and Help the Government Budget!

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How To Save The Government $5 Million

A president’s pension currently is $191,300 per year.
Assuming the next president lives to age 80. Sen McCain would receive ZERO pension as he would reach 80 at the end of two terms as president. Sen Obama would be retired for 26 years after two terms and would receive $4,973,800 in pension.
Therefore it would certainly make economic sense to elect McCain in November.
How’s that for non-partisan thinking???


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Well today is a rant. 

My kids have the chicken pox and are home with me at the moment so I’m reading news in between getting things done today.

Here is why I need to rant today, when did it become the responsibility of the state or federal government to teach our kids responsibility, respect, and common decency?

Read here.

Why do we say it is the need for the state and federal government to come up with new “programs” for our children to teach them these things?  Why do we push issues such as these off of the parents?

I’m a parent myself (if you’ve been really reading here) and I’ll tell you what, it’s MY responsibility to make sure my kids know and learn things such as I’ve stated.  If I’m not doing it at home they are not going to really learn through some “funded” program.  Oh sure, they’ll learn the text book descriptions, text book basics.  Perhaps they will learn a fundamental understanding of the topics being taught in those classes.

Let me ask you, for your job some of us had OJT (On the Job Training) and others of us went to college, still others of us went to specialized training.  In my case all three have helped form my job experience.  But all of that only gave me fundamentals.  Basically it was already things I had learned from others around me with the need to pay for it and get a grade in it.

What I’m trying to say is a kid learning to be promiscuous, manners, common decency, responsibility, it’s up to us.So here’s my thought, if you think someone needs a federal program to learn about all this how about we start giving it to new parents.  Be they 13 or 30.  Your first child will require you to have in-hospital training before the due date as part of the overall fee.  If you really feel you haven’t learned enough about the basics of life by the time you are having a child.

Sheesh Parents!  Come on, step up and learn how to properly discipline and raise your children! 

There are parenting classes out there for you interested.

Hell people, whose problem is this anyway, the government’s or ours?