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Microsoft RPC Patch

Posted in Taz, Technical with tags , , , , , , , , , , on October 23, 2008 by tazspaz

There has been a lot of alerts/news out today from several vendors about a new critical vulnerability just announced. 

Please note, many vendors are focusing on the fact that Windows 2000 and Windows XP is affected. 

HOWEVER, it is deeper than that; all Microsoft operating systems are affected.   The article only goes back to Windows 2000 but also covers XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008.  There is an off-cycle patch from Microsoft already out (usually it’s once per month).  You can get this (and any others you may have missed) by clicking on Start – Windows Update.

Even if you have followed the proper best practices for segregation of your network and proper firewall proceedures I HIGHLY recommend getting this patch installed as soon as possible.


Yahoo and Microsoft, The Dance Continues!

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So you may remember my post back in April (the 28th to be exact) and can be found here.

In it you will notice that my tone shows that Yahoo should have taken the bid instead of trying to fight it.  Not only was it a fair offer but now the value could be vastly undercut.

I know, your questioning what I’m taking about, are not all the skeleton’s in the closet “vetted” already?  Didn’t Microsoft walk away?

Those of you that know me and hang out with me know my thoughts on this.  Microsoft has been waiting in the wings for a moment such as this.

Should have agreed with me the first time there “Beavis!”  lol

Microsoft Bid for Yahoo – Deadline Passes

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So as many of you are aware, those that pay attention to the markets anyhow, the deadline for the buy-out offer from Microsoft has passed.  Yahoo! is still standing firm saying they are worth at least $40 a share.

Now here is my Rant!

Is Yahoo! in the know on something the rest of the market AND regular day people like you and I have no clue about?  Is Microsoft really undercutting and driving down Yahoo!’s value?  To answer these questions I guess we would want to see how Yahoo!’s stock has performed for the past 3 years right?  Okay lets do that:

(Okay I’m bad, using Microsoft Money to track market changes for Yahoo! here)

Okay so we see on the chart that the last time they even SAW a $40 price per share ($40.23 actually) was in November 2005.  Perhaps I haven’t looked far enough back right, you know to see the gem of a deal they think they are?  Lets go back 5 years now.  Nope, November 2005 is still the best at $40.23).  Wow, I must really be missing something here.  Let’s think about this for a moment even if I was to look back and try and see where they are coming from going back 10 years I still don’t see where they think that they can make $40 per share or more in the near (say 3 years) future?  Yes before and briefly into 2000 they did well.  As we all remember (and sorry if I make you shudder) the .com bust of our age revalued Yahoo!  Since  June of 2006 Yahoo! has been unable to break and run up to $35 per share.  Seriously the offer from Microsoft was a fair one.

Now they are faced with a hostile take over or a steady decline for some time.  Should have taken the offer, Beavis.

Wow, Ballmer is just realizing this?

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lol, I’m sure Ballmer realized it long before the bid was made.  The intent wasn’t “what is Yahoo! worth” but “how much easier could it be to take down Google if we had Yahoo!?” in Microsoft’s eyes.  (by the way, the words in quotes are my personal thoughts and not quotes from anyone else but me!)

Funny to ask at a Microsoft event how many use Yahoo! search though.  We are usually all technical which means we put search engines through their paces.  Meaning Yahoo! is not really used by the technical community.  For that matter how many of you think you can get the same resultant sets of searches out of Microsoft’s Live! Search or as you do out of Google?

See the basis of my rant today here!

Hotmail Down Again? “Live” and .Net logon as well?

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Back on February 7th of this year I had a post in which many people viewed about Hotmail being down.  Here we are once again.   

For several hours now I have received the below faithful screen every time trying to log in to my hotmail account. 

It’s kind of strange for a server farm as large as Hotmail to be down like this not to mention twice in one month.  Anyone else experiencing this right now? 


(Update 0605 PST, I’m in L.A at the moment)
As you can see from the comments to this post it is not a small outage. 
This seems to be wide spread and much longer then the “blip” outages Microsoft usually experiences.   I’m starting to see news articles in searches on the topic now as well. I wonder if Microsoft will come out and say what’s happened?    

(Update 0715 PST)
Well one of the comments posted to the blog here brought up an interesting point.  Do you have any other Microsoft Live products that you use?  Products where you have to sign in with your .Net account to gain access?   
Well “Joe T” (comment post) and I do.  It appears every where I have tried so far the Live account logon using my Microsoft passport account does not work.  I have tried Hotmail, OneCare, eLearning, and support for instance and I still see the “Service Unavailable” page appear. This appears to be much more than just Hotmail.  Wonder what news media outlet will “dare” pick this issue up and run with it?

(Update 0737 PST)
Okay so “steveF” posted the Microsoft “Network Status Report” page in his comment to today’s Rant. So … Here’s the thing that made me laugh even more (let’s just forget the status reported a moment, that just made me giggle).  When you try to follow the links to the left of the page or login from there you get “Page Not Found” errors. 
So really, no issues huh?  Shrugs  S’Okay … but I don’t believe you.


You can locate the network status results here. 

(Update 1910 PST) 

Well sorry everyone, I have just about an hour ago emerged from the client’s “telecom black hole” and updated the comments awaiting moderation. As for Hotmail, Live, and .Net logon issues it appears all is well once again. Here is my question, are we really to believe that Pakistan caused the internet outages we noticed?  Read the article here.